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Koh Haa

Koh Haa (Ha) is a group of five islets southwest of Koh Lanta. The small archipelago is totally uninhabited by humans and part of the national marine park. The limestone cliffs are home to some plants and wildlife and offer the bays and diving sites a certain amount of protection from the elements. Diving at Koh Haa is extremely good, offering something for all levels of diver as well as most kinds of marine life to look out for. Water clarity is excellent due to the location, but it’s not so far away from Koh Lanta that getting there is a problem. At just over 10 nautical miles from Koh Lanta diving day trips visit on most days during the diving season, and Koh Lanta liveaboard boats can spend a day or more here as well. There are several dive sites at Koh Haa, ranging from easy to quite challenging. The most well-known features are the safe and well-lit caves. Snorkelling and beach activities are also popular, so non-divers are advised to join a day trip of liveaboard to Koh Haa. Click on the images or titles below to read and view more-detailed information about each Koh Haa diving site.


Koh Haa Lagoon is probably the most visited diving and snorkelling sites of the Koh Haa mini archipelago. This doesn’t mean it’s the most exciting or best, but it certainly has something for just about everyone. It’s suitable for snorkelling and various different scuba divers.


The Cathedral is by far the most famous and exciting of the dive sites at Koh Haa. Its name comes from the spectacular views in the safe cavern which divers are able to surface inside. Although not many large sharks and rays are seen here, the topography and smaller creatures make this a ‘must visit’ for all certified divers from Koh Lanta.


The Chimney is among the top three diving spots in Koh Haa, and is famous for its amazing swimthrough and cave system. Koh Lanta divers love coming here to get a thrill out of The Chimney, but also to enjoy the crystal-clear waters and healthy marine life around it.


Although most divers and Koh Lanta diving centers talk about and focus on the three main dive sites at Koh Haa, there are up to ten other great dive sites there too. These are usually incorporated in visits to the ‘Top Three’ but are still named and visited independently buy some.


In front of The Lagoon main beach of Island 3 are two limestone islets. Although these are mostly dived as part of The Lagoon dive site itself, some divers choose to stay out away from the shallows and explore the outer reefs of Islands 2 & 4.


Island 3 is the long thin island in the center of Koh Haa. It is home to The Lagoon, but also has a few other good diving spots dotted around the island on its north and south ends as well as behind the main beach.


The largest island of the Koh Haa Archipelago is Island 5, located furthest south. It is home to ‘The Cathedral’ but also has a few other good diving spots for when conditions or crowded areas make trying somewhere else a good idea. They are more exposed to the sea and weather conditions, but can be great for spotting large filter feeders on lucky days.


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