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Phi Phi Dive Sites

Koh Phi Phi is home to almost a dozen great diving sites, most of which can be enjoyed by divers of all levels. There are very few times or spots where currents are an issue, and the general sea conditions are good for diving almost all year round. Depths are usually no more than 30 metres, but there’s something to see right up to the surface at almost every Koh Phi Phi diving site. Koh Lanta diving boats sail across most mornings and moor up around Koh Phi Phi Lei (which is where the movie The Beach was filmed) between dives. While Bida Nok and Bida Nai are probably Koh Phi Phi’s most popular diving sites, there are plenty to choose from depending on the conditions on the day and how many other diving boats are around. Click on the images or titles below to read more about each Koh Phi Phi diving site, and see pictures, videos and Google maps. While some people may question what the point of staying on Koh Lanta and diving at Koh Phi is, there are plenty of good answers. The two islands are quite different in what they offer tourists, and the large diving boats from Koh Lanta are comfortable and stable to spend that extra time on.


Garang Heng is an interesting dive site of medium depth, not far from Koh Phi Phi Don. The cylindrically-shaped submerged pinnacle is home to lots of interesting and healthy marine life, but isn’t visited by diving boats as often as it could or should be. There is a very good chance of seeing a Leopard Shark at Garang Heng, along with lots of other reef fish and many species of invertebrates.


Palong Wall is a nice dive site that can be enjoyed by all levels of divers. It’s on the west coast of Koh Phi Phi Lei, and a favourite for the second and final dive on Koh Lanta Day trips to dive at Koh Phi Phi. It’s a vertical wall which makes up part of the island and reaches a maximum depth of about 18 metres, where the wall’s angle changes to join the seabed.


Hin Dot is a great dive site, located just a short distance from the pier in Ton Sai Bay, Phi Phi. It is deeper than its location suggests, and is not nearly as popular as it should be, because it’s an excellent Koh Phi Phi diving site. It’s a great spot, but often not visited by Koh Phi Phi dive boats, however Koh Lanta diving boats do stop off here from time to time.


Shark Point Phi Phi should not be confused with the more popular Shark Point, Phuket, both of which are visited by Koh Lanta diving day trip and liveaboard boats. Although it’s a little out of the way for Koh Phi Phi local diving boats, and for just one dive, it’s absolutely ideal for those on their way to or from Koh Lanta, because it’s on the way. This dive site is also known by one or two other names, including Hin Bida, Koh Bida, and Hin Loh.


Bida Nai is one of the two limestone islets which are directly south of Koh Phi Phi Lei. It is an easy dive site, but still has something interesting and enjoyable for all levels of scuba diver. The depth, water clarity, lack of currents on most days, and colourful healthy marine life make it a popular place to go scuba diving. Boats from Koh Lanta visit almost every day and even liveaboard cruise boats stop off at Bida Nai.


Loh Samah Bay is one of best diving sites at Koh Phi Phi for those who want a safe and easy, yet colourful and enjoyable day or night dive. It is located on the entrance to Maya Bay, which is where the Di Caprio movie The Beach was filmed. Although it is suitable for beginners, experienced and even professional divers should not be put off.


Bida Nok is one of best dive sites at Koh Phi Phi, and certainly one of the most popular, too. It has something for everyone, and pretty much every day of the year, as well. The marine life, depth, and sea conditions make it a consistently great dive site.


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