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Other Dive Sites

In addition to the specific diving areas which Koh Lanta Divers visit, there are a few other islands, islets, and dive sites which are also often visited for diving from Koh Lanta. These ‘others’ include Koh Muk, Koh Rok, and local ‘House Reefs.’ Although most Koh Lanta diving day trips and liveaboard diving cruises from Koh Lanta try to take their divers to the very best diving spots in the area, there are times when somewhere ‘different’ is most suitable. These situations can occur for a number of reasons, and often just because there is no reason why not to visit some of the alternative diving sites within day trip distance of Koh Lanta. They are mainly located to the south and southeast of Koh Lanta and although they are not the deepest or most exciting dive sites in this part of Thailand, there is still plenty to do, see and enjoy there. For more details about these ‘other Koh Lanta dive sites’ click on their titles or images to read descriptions, watch videos, look at pictures or check out their precise locations on Google maps.


Koh Rok is a pair of small uninhabited islets to the south of Koh Lanta. The diving here is very nice, but not extreme. There opportunities to enjoy great snorkelling and see wildlife on land, as well as relax or play on pristine beaches. Experienced divers need not be put off though, as there is plenty to see in clear waters with healthy corals and marine life.


One of the most beautiful places in Thailand is the Emerald Cave. It is rumoured to be the inspiration for Alex Garland’s book The Beach, due to its secret entrance, pristine beach, and foliage-covered limestone cliff walls. Although the diving at Emerald Cave is not extraordinary, the whole experience makes it well worth visiting.


Koh Kraden is famous for scuba diving, but many divers, including those in Thailand, have never visited or even heard of it. Its fame comes from ‘underwater weddings’ but it also offers some interesting diving, including a Japanese warship wreck.


There are several other diving sites around the islands known as Koh Mook and Koh Ngai. From Koh Lanta, the distance is similar to Koh Haa and other popular dive sites in the area. Therefore, these ‘lesser sites’ don’t get visited as often, but they still offer lots to scuba divers of all levels.


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