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Accommodation + Diving Packages on Koh Lanta, Thailand

Among the most popular bookings we take here at Koh Lanta Divers are the packages which combine guests’ accommodation with fun diving or learning to dive. Booking flights, somewhere to stay, and then activities such as scuba diving all online can become quite tiresome for most people. Will they work together? What if my flight’s delayed? How do I get from here to there? Are all questions which cause people to worry before they have even started their vacation. At no extra cost, we can take most of this workload from our customers, and find and book them into the best place on Koh Lanta so that they can enjoy the perfect balance of tranquility, fun, luxury, convenience and easy or extreme scuba diving. The most popular packages include Open Water Diver + accommodation, Advanced Open Water Diver + accommodation, and Fun Diving + accommodation. However, there are many more options, and in most cases each is flexible to fit in with each customer’s needs, budget or schedule. Most packages even include free pick up from Krabi airport and transfer by ferry and car to the resort, hotel or guesthouse.

We know which dive centers and resorts best suit each type of customer, and we try to understand their needs in order to find the perfect fit. We understand PADI and SSI diving regulations and common misconceptions. We have years of experience diving in Thailand, and can therefore offer advice on the best places to find what each individual diver is looking for. While some experienced divers want depth, currents, or exciting marine life, we understand that there are also many out there who want easier and enjoyable diving, maybe with good snorkeling spots, too.

Instead of pushing just one resort or diving center and forgetting to mention the drawbacks of each place and the advantages of their competitors, we have a large database of accommodation and diving centers on Koh Lanta, and try to offer each potential customer the package which best suits their needs, and not ours or our partners’. Unlike nearby islands, such as Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta is much more spread out. Although this makes it much better in comparison to Phi Phi for finding peace and quiet, exploring the jungle and waterfalls, and avoiding crowds of drunken partygoers, it is a major hindrance when looking to find the best scuba diving center or place to stay. On Koh Phi Phi tourists can stroll around browsing guesthouses and hotels until they find one which suits. And they can easily walk past a dozen or more dive centers in just half an hour, and because of this there is a price-fixing agreement among the businesses. In Koh Lanta, things are quite different. Travelling between establishments needs to be done by car or motorcycle, and they all offer different prices for much the same product or service. In addition, once a guest is booked at their resort, diving from an unaffiliated resort or one a distance away is both awkward and costly. Unlike, Koh Phi Phi, diving at Koh Lanta needs preparation in order to make everything as convenient and relaxing as things should be on vacation. Tell us what’s important to you, and let us do all the work finding the best packages to offer.

There is no difference in price, so why would you want to waste your time and money when we’re sitting here waiting to help?

Anti Gravity Divers


Anti Gravity Divers is one of the most popular diving centres on Koh Lanta. They are located in an ideal part of the island, half way along the west coast, thus allowing easy access to all the popular spots on Koh Lanta and offering beautiful sunsets over the sea.  However, unlike all the other dive centers on Koh Lanta, Anti Gravity diving trips depart from the beach in front of the resort in which they are located. The options include packages to suit all budgets and diving needs, and the team are friendly, yet professional.


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